Centrally located at the heart of Everglades City, often known as The Last Frontier- and engulfed by the history and shops that are minutes away, we are Captain’s Table. Don’t worry; we understand that going back in time might take a toll on you. Therefore, for those who don’t wish to stray too far from civilization, we offer air-conditioned rooms, free Wi-Fi, and an outdoor pool!


 Now of course on this journey of yours, we don’t expect you to dive head first into our well-known cuisine; Frog Legs, Blue Crabs, and Gator- yes we did say Gator, (or was it the frog legs that caught your eye?), but if  you absolutely can’t help yourself, then head on down to Island Café, where you will receive a 10% discount on us! As for those who prefer to keep their land legs, worry not! Some of our rooms offer a fully equipped kitchen, with a microwave, fridge, and oven (just don’t forget the food!).


Finally your day will come to an end, and your exploring will be in need of a well-deserved break. Yes!

Of course we already planned for when you tire out, that is why our rooms provide screened in porches and balconies, so that you may enjoy one of our forever changing sunsets, that breathtakingly illuminate the 10,000 islands.

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